Planning with TRELLO…

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Helloo everyone… im here for u with an another story…its literally one month that we have met right??.. i mean after one long month im writing this  new post… so.. first n foremost question arises to u is ..”what is this TRELLO means??”… jus hold on guys 🙂 .. let me come to it after a quick philosophical stuff… 🙂

so… how many of just believe in “PLANNING”..

i know .. its not really possible to plan everything ahead perfectly and accurately..but we can really able to plan some essential things which really demands for planning in advance..such as for an academic student the vast syllabus for an upcoming test,for a homemaker to prepare a huge meal for an occasion ..etc.

once we plan all those sort of things according to our convenience our mind will literally be ina relaxed state without any clutter which is not really needed…

who am I  to suggest u about planning…

ha ha.. this is a nice question right..?? well.. i used to be really a quite messy person and can easily able to forget the things in the beginning.. but anyone can start learning about it somewhere at somepoint right..yes, i feel like  really i reached that point when i restarted my student life after 5 years of my graduation..

even now.. im not the  pro in it. but practicing it slowly..being a homemaker,a mother ,a post grad student ,a blogger  ..i really need lots of attention to plan my things in advance..and with this whole story u may get lil benefit…

now.. come to the point…what is TRELLO..??

well without dragging it too much am coming to the point..

I am assuming that u people are also have huge list of tasks to do in ur daily tracking them in a right manner we can get our things done..otherwise we may really end our days with no progress..  to plan ur things u may use these two ways manual one..that is generally we write by pen on the paper..


this manual planner is quite simple and easy..we can make it the way we want it..


second is digital one.. that is generally in the phone or laptop..

manual one is quite simple and easy to use even..for digital one we can use google calendar,notes ..etc.this TRELLO is also one such app to really  make our planning easy..

Though this is not a sponsored blog post..but i really felt like sharing about it with u guys..imagine if there is an app like facebook(as we all are very familiar with it) only to make ur todo lists,reminders..and also there like notifications to keep u in track..this TRELLO is also same like that..this works very well with lapy and mobile as well..

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and we can synchronize this with our mobile to make it quite handy.. i know we can really get so bored to plan all our things in advance.. this app really makes it exciting by adding color coded labels,stickers based on our tasks and priority,weekly spreads,changing backgrounds upon our wish..really it makes it interesting..

we can easily move our lists or tasks(we call them as cards in TRELLO)from one list to other list just as if we are taking out the stickers and pasting them back.. ARCHIVE them..



and also there is an option to synchronize  these reminders with our google calendars which makes it quite easy to use..and also there are lot more options to use to make our planning really effective and fascinating..

Screenshot (24).png

There will  always be some wishes for all of us to do things like learning a skill , reading a book,trying a new recipe,learning to drive..etc ..and they just remain untouched forever..but once we decide to accomplish them by planning like this, really they can be easily  met soon…

but …simply planning our things wont really get our things done…ACTION is always needed…and thats it for this time ..let me know, if u really like it guys.. :).. and if there is something else to say just let me know in the comment section given really means a lot to me to hear from u all..

finally what i want to say is…

PLANNING is always a fantasy without ACTION and “DOING” gets the REWARD…













smart snacking..


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helloo dear friends….  im here with some special post this time ….i think you have already got something about the whole story…yes..its about SMART SNACKING..i hope this will be useful for those who wants to maintain the constant healthy weight and for the healthy living…so,just grab your cup of coffee and lets dive into this….

but before doing this,…what is snacking??

snacking is nothing but a tiny portion of food we should be consuming in between, apart from the actual meals..and over snacking is the worst part of the actual snacking…

according to the studies..most of the time we will be prone to this over snacking problem during the evening hours that is around 5 pm to 8 pm in general…and the way we manage it  will have more effect on our weight manipulation..

many of us just look at this snacking as a silly issue and simply ignores it..and usually takes large portion of food for lunch and then waits till dinner without having any sort of snacks in the middle..but actually having snacks in the proper manner can also reduce the amount of food we are taking in the actual meal time so that it helps us in maintaining the healthy and steady weight.

so smart snacking is nothing but having snacks in an ideal way,not too much and also not skipping it fully.

#what can we choose as healthy snacks..??

so far ..we have got the thing i.e., snacking is healthy..but what can we have as our regular snacks…whenever we heard this word snack we may remind about our typical foods as mirchi,chips,papad.. etc.most of them are deep fried with loads of salt or sugar..but be aware of what we are actually consuming we can get some healthy swaps as preferring fresh fruits over chips,natural sugars as honey or jaggery over sugar..

before going for the quick snacks first we should identify our cravings either they sweet or savory…so depending on our type of cravings we should choose our snacks to satisfy our taste buds.

here are some healthy and quick snacks to grab over:



its my all time grab and go option because its so filling as well as very light even we over have them.Do you know 3 cups of popcorn will have only 31 calories in means we can happily have them a lot..

One whole fruit:

Screenshot (16)

one banana,orange,apple…like this any seasonal fruit we can have as our snack.

Boiled egg:


a boiled egg sprinkled with pepper ,red chilly powder and salt will always be the better option to go for as our quick snack.and its loaded with full of vitamins as you have already know it.

dry fruits and a cup of coffee or tea:


quick bites of dry fruits and having a cup of coffee along side will also be one of the best options to have.

like these if we observe …there are lots of options for smart and healthy snacks.

#how to deal with binge eating??

it means over snacking without getting ourselves limited and get the adverse effects …but if we notice this binge eating is not a serious problem if we can really focus enough…

it means whenever we crave for more snacks in the unusual times first we should recheck whether we are really feeling hungry or just for fun..


having a full glass of water can also help us in confirming the real need for food.and the whole and soul solution for this binge eating is MINDFUL EATING.

so ,by following these little tips we can stay healthy and maintain a healthy constant weight, which is the characteristic of a perfect healthy person…

But what about the imbalance in our healthy ,planned diet and what if we  are really more craving for our favorite junk food or fast food like me… 😜…because we are not super humans to completely forget about our favorite food. .. yes it’s completely OK to get some “cheat meal “‘,once in a while as a reward for ourselves for being in our ideal track through out the week…

Having this reward meal say once in a week actually keeps inspiring us with some freshly created energy vibes…  And helps us in living our dreamy ideal lifestyle…

so …that’s it for this tiny story…if you like it or if you really have any more suggestions for all of us just let me know in the comment section given below…it really means a lot to me.  🙂 🙂






The art of PARENTING…


Hello dear friends.. how you are doing in your life..hope everything is excellent… im here with an another story to share..thats all about parenting..i hope this may be useful for the people who has opted this parents position newly… .

yes… its really an inspiring concept for us to know about…because the future of society is decided by our kids we are raising them matters a lot here.. In our country the average age of a woman becoming mom for the first time is 19 years.. it means it is really too early when we compare it with the advanced countries.

so coming to my story..i gave birth to my son at the age of 22 ..i know its too early for me but i felt so happy about my kid and bit confused about my career at the same time..apart from all these things ..i got really worried about one thing..

“Am i really in a perfect condition as a human being to raise one more human…”

this single question itself changed my whole  perspective towards PARENTING…and i’ve decided strongly to grow my kid as an ideal one from his early stage make it happen i have to get change from my side…  im not saying that im a pro in it..but im trying my best to make it happen..

so im deconstructing the whole scenario here…as parents we are following these keys factors for him…

1#Teach your kid about the relations:


there are really many more factors upon which ur kid’s attitude will be shaped up.But, this is the first and most important key factor among all i feel.Just make ur kid be affectionately attached to ur elders either from his/her maternal or paternal side.let them share all the things happening in their tiny lives by themselves with ur elders..

respecting the elders,learning from ur elders will be the greatest asset for ur kids.whenever its possible let ur kids be closer to ur elders atleast through mobile.really they will learn alot from them may be better than from ur training 🙂

2#let ur kid be exposed to the outer world:



try to make ur kid get mingle with the new persons like ur family friends,relatives and with other kids from their early stage itself.this will definitely make them interactive even after they have  grownup. In the way just teach them slowly  how to behave politely with the elders.

3#Spend ur quality time with ur kids wisely:


we have already know that at the early stages of ur kid (i mean whenever they are able to communicate with u orally) their levels of grasping will be pretty just use this stage to get as much knowLedge as possible from you.

as Parents u will definately have much time To spend with giving them bath,feeding,playing  with them..these are the times you can teach the tiny things like new things,word building,stories of our country legends,epics..

4#the skill of story telling:


make it as a part of your daily routine to narrate atleast one story for your kid at the time of going To bed.if not everyday, atleast 4 to 5 times in a week.this will increase the creativity hidden inside of them.try to throw some tiny questions from the previous stories u have told them.this  will enhance their listening skills and understanding power.try to introduce new vocabulary for them to enrich their word power.

in our case ..being a computer science grad im teaching him the basic things about computers,the funny stories of our great computer science scientists which i will always admire about. based upon ur  wish u can teach them in a funny ways.. try it once they will definitely be curious about these things… but everything has to be so funny and too slow for them..just little things at a time..becoz at the end of the day they are just tiny kids..

5#implant the moral values in their little brains:


this job is mostly done by their academics as well.but being well wishers its our responsibility  to teach themat early stage, the moral ethics like helping,sharing,honesty,being tidy…

6#Dealing with the smartphones and internet:kids-5-physical-effects-of-smartphone-addiction-on-kids

it may sound really nerdy and studious when i say dealing with the  smartphones and not saying that completely detach your kids from these things..its highly impossible i know it…but whenever its possible keep your kids get involved in the physical activities like helping you in the daily chores like laundry,taking them for grocery store..etc..and its better to gift them the toys like lego toys,play dough..

im slowly learning this skill to keep him apart from it except at the time of his eating(the tip from his father :))..yes its getting workout for us till date..

5#Treat them with the whole sum food:


        healthy body means healthy mind…..

make them to taste the seasonal fruits and veggies from the day when they able to digest the external food apart from the mother may feel like saying is sooo easy than implementing it..becoz in our case also we are bit lagging here.. my kid can eat all the veggies but not all the fruits.. so we are slowly trying to get the flavour of all fruits too..but everything takes time…

and try to reduce the amount of junk food they are eating like chips,chocolates,cool drinks.. if its possible just don’t introduce that taste to will be very thankful to urself oneday for sure..

and finally…having a kid is just like having a tattoo right on your face..wherever you go ,whenever you look at urself ..this thing will be the first you can spot groom ur kid as sweet as as possible..

so whatever the methods you follow if nothing seems to workout..just chill…this is not the end of the world…everything takes time..becoz they are ur kids and especially they are KIDS…SO treat them very firm and mild….

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helloo.. dear friends im here with an another post after a long time…hope you are all doing fine… so this time its about some positive habits which are all quite common but so effective…but before diving into them lets know lil  about HABIT first.

a HABIT is nothing but what we repeatedly do.and also “WE ARE, WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO”. generally a human’s lifestyle can be decided mainly based upon the HABITS he has opted in his his can either be a good or a bad we can literally transform our entire lifestyle only by flipping our habits into constructive ones.

so im here with some of the effective habits which may empower our own lifestyle..



When we love what we have,we have everything..yes,when we are in the tough time,if we stay grateful for what we already have  in our life,it really changes the practicing gratitude comes first among all the positively effective habits for a happy life.



A successful person will take the whole and soul responsibility purely on himself for each and everything happening in his life.he’ll never ever complain on anything or any body.complaining really shows our inability to take some risk.a true hustler will never complain instead he tries better .




It may sound really so stereo type,but moving our body make some effective changes in our mood and its scientifically proven.exercise doesn’t mean a serious and heavy workout ,it can be a few minutes of walk too.really we can easily include this habit in our daily routine by some simple hacks such staircase as a substitute for the lift,morning nature walk if possible,playing our favorite sport frequently(badminton for me) ..



Again ,it may sound as a damn boaring habit for many,but a consistent book lover will never ever get boared in his life..its really an effective habit which even strengthens our brain cells as per the science. a worthy book really serves as a virtual guide for are some books i got inspired from ,

WILLPOWER by roy baumeister

WINGS OF FIRE by apj abdul kalam…etc.


this is also one of the effective habits which increases and strengthens the brain cells of the human as per the science.for a layman meditation may be a tough thing to practice but now a days everything can be easily learned and taught.and there are some apps too which helps us in practicing it such as HEADSPACE( its an app for meditation).



its quite similar to the habit of MEDITATION.mindful living is nothing but just focusing on whatever the thing which we are doing at can be cleaning,eating,cooking,driving just without distracting.



For a happy and peaceful life a proper decluttering and minimizing of the things is really essential.decluttering means it can be your house stuff or your personal stuff also.having loads of things will always causes the mess.having things which always brings us the true joy and discarding the remaining things is the actual meaning of definitely transforms our life into the most simple and happy life.



It means just sharing your thoughts with yourself by putting it on the paper.when we are in messy and confused situation it may work better.just by writing it in the form of words the situation can become better i believe,we may get some solution for the actual problem instead of getting to write our thoughts there are some online sights which works as secured ones such as “”,and some apps are also available like “dayone app”. journalling is nothing but sharing our thoughts .it can be with ourselves or with our dear ones enhances the true human relationships…



just being aware of our own time is wisest habit ever on this planet.because there is a saying as ” THE THING WHICH IS TICKING ON OUR WRIST IS NOT OUR WATCH, ITS OUR LIFE”.its an actually an influencing quote by which we can decide to which things we should give our own time.instead of getting stuck in problem for so long and blame ourselves ,we can walk towards the solution.

so by slowly adopting these habits into our daily routine we can tune our life into its better version…




A quick break fast…


hii dear friends im back with an another story…this time its about my one of quick fixing options for an instant breakfast yet its too healthy as well as so filling.. you can easily last till the lunch time…

actually this recipe, i have created for my kid who really hates to eat veggies and semya upma( vermicelli )like all the kids…but after joining him in the school ,feeding him within in the time is a real challenge for me…usually he likes to eat egg .. so i’ve decided to make him to  eat veggies and vermicelli also..

then i’ve made this dish for him..he named it as noodles 🙂 …but fortunately he liked it and eating it even..thats the winning point here for me..

so let me tell u how i made this…

first take ur available veggies as carrots,onion,capsicum,tomato,potato… which we generally use as pizza topings as per our wish….finely chop them up like this…if u wish u can add fresh coriander,french beans also…


heat the pan ,add some oil and add some garlic pods chopped ,and onions .then add some salt on top.saute it slowly..then add all ur veggies and again mix it well.then add ur vermicelli of 1/2 cup and mix it.then cover it with the lid for 3 to 4 mins till the veggies will get lil soften.takeout that mixture onto a separate plate.

then take 2 eggs and beat them up really well..add ur spices as red chilli powder,salt,turmeric,coriander powder to it..grease some oil onto same hot pan and pour the beaten egg mixture .then add ur veggies ,vermicelli mixture like this.


then take ur cheese block.i have chosen mozzarella cheese this time.u can use any type as per ur wish.we can use paneer(cottage cheese) also..and grate itimg20180725074954

then spread ur cheese onto the veggies ..img20180725075131

and cover it with the lid till the cheese melts, on a medium flame..then try slowly to flip it to the other comes out like this.then cook it for 2 more minutes.



then finally switch of the flame and take it onto ur plate..and cut it into pieces with ur pizza cutter or knife..and enjoy it with ur tomato ketchup..


as its containing egg,cheese,fresh veggies,vermicelli..its really nutritious and very filling also..

if u keep all ur veggies readily chopped in ur fridge the night before ,it is the  best ever option we can go if u are interested, give it a try…. 🙂




A healthy start for a good day…


hii..dear friends…im here with my new post…that is about a healthy break fast u can make ur day more productive and satisfying..

so let me just tell u one thing that a colorful and healthy choice of the food will never go out of creativity.once u are conscious about ur food choices then ultimately it  leads ur life in a better just make it as a habit to be always aware of the food  which u are throwing into ur gut.

and here is a sample of my healthy choices which i made for the  start of a fabulous day.

so let me say how i did this as a whole..

this healthy plate has ..,

1)ponganalu(muffin kind of thing made of split black gram)

2)peanut tomato chutney(dip)

3)1 banana and 1 baby carrot

4)1 cup of green tea(in my version)


these are made of black gram (urad dal) and rice in 2:1 ratio.

first soak the lentils and rice  for 2 to 3 hours and grind them to a batter.keep the batter for fermenting overnight or for 5 to 6 hours.

then add some salt,flax seed powder,chia seeds powder,cumin powder ,grated carrot and coriander to the batter.pour that that batter into a muffin plate or a plate we will use for making ponganalu .before pouring, grease the muffin plate with some oil or ghee.cook it for 5 minutes on a medium flame by covering it with a lid.then flip them to other side with a spoon.and take them out.

these are really filling as well as healthy because of having proteins and little carbs in them .flax,chia,cumin seed powder,carrots are my choices to make them even more healthier for my family.

this batter can be stored in the fridge for 2 to 3 without loosing its air.we can freeze this up also for more days.once we have this batter ready we can easily make it even in hurry.including more lentils in the diet is so healthy.


peanut tomato dip:


this is a chutney that i will regularly use for my dosa,idly,ponganalu as well.

for this i have used..,

1)peanuts                   – 1/2 cup

2)curry leaves           – 1 cup

3)fresh coriander     -1/2 cup

4)tomatos                  – 3

5)green chilli            -2

6)cumin seeds          -1 table spoon

7)oil                            -1/2 tb spoon

8)fresh garlic           -5pods

9)ginger                     -2 thin sticks of one inch

first add oil into the pot heat it up.then add cumin .after they start crackling add ginger and garlic.then add curry leaves to it.then add green chilli and tomato to it and  cover it with a lid for 3 minutes.then tomatos will get soften.then add the peanuts and coriander  again cover and cook it for 5 minutes.then switch off the flame.after the mixture gets cool add salt to id add blend it in the  grinder by adding some water as per our wish.if we wish we can also add tampering(tadka) to it .but usually i wont tamper it regularly so that it reduces the oil consumption.

it can also be sit in fridge for 2 days without spoiling.



really i would love to have a hot cup of green tea in my morning really has a huge amount of benefits with it.

here i just changed a lil to the regular green tea into my version.first i have heat a glass of water ,to that boiling water i have added a  tiny piece of ginger stick,a pinch of tea leaves ..after 2 minutes i have switched off the flame and added a tea spoon of green tea powder and covered the pot for 2minutes.then i strained the solution into my adorable green tea cup ,added 1 tea spoon of honey and finally garnished with some basil leaves.

so eventually it looks like this…so flavorful and it literally nourishes my soul while i am having it especially in the cozy climate…


i have adopted this healthy habit of consuming 2 servings of fresh fruits and veggies in my breakfast for  2 years without this is one among those options

..i chose a ripen sweet banana and a sweet fresh carrot this time…

finally as a summary lets look at the health benefits we have got into our body from this healthy plate…..



so..thats it for this post dear friends..just know about our common health benefits of our daily used items from a common kitchen……and there is no need of having any fancy food recipes to be healthy..just choose ur ingredients wisely and be aware of them..thats more than enough…